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Garlic: A versatile product

Its many uses, both in traditional cooking and creative modern cuisine, make garlic a highly valued ingredient. It is also prized for its therapeutic properties: it is an exceptional natural antibiotic, helps prevent infections, strengthens the immune system, fights cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attack, among other health benefits. At the same time, allicin has been the subject of studies into its potential in cancer prevention.

Garlic’s vitamin, mineral salt and fibre content means that it contains almost all the nutrients the human body requires.

Tailored to fit our customers’ needs

From the very start, All Export was a pioneer in the use of smaller pack sizes, containing only three heads of garlic. Today, we offer around 300 packaging options, which means the product can be adapted to suit each customer’s needs, whether for store brands or private labels. When we pack garlic, in line with our company’s commitment to the environment, we use net bags with a lower plastic content.

Garlic varieties

In All Export, we work with several varieties of garlic

Red garlic

which offers a mild flavour and an intense aroma, and is highly prized for traditional Spanish recipes such as gazpacho or allioli

White garlic

noted for its large calibre and clearly defined cloves.

Spring white and Spring violet

the early varieties.

Black garlic

a product with a sweeter taste, which is the result of a fermentation process.